Practice Nurses

Charlotte Sharman (female)

Charlotte Sharman (female) Practice Nurse

Victoria Swain (female)

Victoria Swain (female) Practice Nurse

Pamela Ryan (female)

Pamela Ryan (female) Practice Nurse

Elizabeth Wright (female)

Elizabeth Wright (female) Pharmacist

Georgina Essenhigh (female)

Georgina Essenhigh (female) Nurse Practitioner

Lesley Hastings (female)

Lesley Hastings (female)Nurse Practitioner

Clare Gurney (female)

Clare Gurney (female)Nurse Practitioner

Caroline Fenwick (female)

Caroline Fenwick (female)Practice Nurse

Janet Morris (female)

Janet Morris (female)Practice Nurse

Amaka Enyiagu (female)

Amaka Enyiagu (female) Practice Nurse

Caroline Rice (female)

Caroline Rice (female) Practice Nurse

Clare Holder (female)

Clare Holder (female)Trainee Nurse Associate

Camilla Sharples (female)

Camilla Sharples (female)Practice Nurse

Sue Proctor (female)

Sue Proctor (female)Practice Nurse

Vikki Ilott (female)

Vikki Ilott (female)Health Care Assistant

Sandra Parsons (female)

Sandra Parsons (female) Social Prescriber

Health Visitor

Health Visitor

The Health Visitors are qualified nurses with further qualifications and experiences to give advice on all aspects of family health, including baby and child-care and postnatal support. They are notified of all newborn babies and new patients under the age of five.

District Nurses

District Nurses

The District Nursing Service is for people who are totally housebound and need nursing care at home, nursing services to the elderly and those recently discharged from hospital. Referrals are made through consultations with doctors or practice nurses.

Louisa Kasprowicz (female)

Louisa Kasprowicz (female)Pharmacist